CERT-Hungary hosts Egyptian delegation

The delegation constituted of members from the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and the Egyptian Telecom Regulatory Board, and were the guest of their Hungarian counterpart.
After getting a short overview of the activities of the Foundation by general manager Dr. Zsolt Kőhalmi, Dr. Ferenc Suba gave a presentation about the international networking relations of the Hungarian government CERT, and a summary of the activities of CERT-Hungary by project manager Balazs Szekeres.
Also, a representative of Virusbuster Ltd. was present to give a presentation on their applications.Following the presentations, prospects of mutual cooperation were mapped, and the parties concluded that there is ground for common projects and initiatives, especially in the field of tendering for EU funds.
An Egyptian delegation has paid a visit to Theodore Puskas Foundation and got acquainted with the work of CERT-Hungary on February 2, 2006. 

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