Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

The National Cyber Security Center of Special Service for National Security is in charge of the tasks of the national Single Point of Contact (SPOC).

The duties of SPOC are laid down in the Directive on security of network and information systems (NIS Directive) which was adopted on 19 July 2016. Its purpose is to encourage the cooperation and information sharing between the national information security authorities and the national CSIRTs and to support the efficient implementation of the Directive.

One of its main tasks is to coordinate the issues related to network and information systems while contributing to the successful implementation of the Directive. For this, it has a mediator role toward the authorities according to the Directive and national CSIRTs. If needed, the SPOC, in line with the national law, can consult and cooperate with the relevant national law enforcement authorities and national data protection authorities. Another task is to ensure the cross-border cooperation within the European Union by supporting the work of CSIRTs and the Cooperation Group.

In case of a cross-border security incident, any relevant national authority or the CSIRT can entrust SPOC to forward the information and data of the incident to the national SPOCs of other Member States, facilitating the cooperation and communication between the authorities.

Once a year, the SPOC is obliged to submit a comprehensive report to the Cooperation Group about the incident reported in the given year according to the NIS Directive (number and nature of the reported incidents and the measures taken by the authorities) anonimously.


National Single Point of Contact

: +36 (1) 206 9320 (during office hours)
: +36 (1) 336 4840 (outside office hours)