Event Detection

The rapid spread of IT technology made the digital information part of our everyday life. Using the Internet opens up new opportunities for everyone. Large number of services are being used by more and more people for research, education and self-improvement, communication and socialization, shopping, or for thousands of other activities. Due to increasing flow of traffic containing sensitive information, the growth of cybercrime emerges new challenges for IT security professionals.

Special Service for National Security of Hungary, National Cyber Security Center Event Detection Team is monitoring several different segments of network traffic persistently. That is a preventive task, with both observing and analysing the network traffic. The network resources (IP addresses and more) used by the attackers are identified based on systemetically collected data of the attacks. Relied upon specific analysing algorithms, new intrusion methodologies and usage trends can be discovered and therefore conclusions can be drawn about the weak spots and vulnerabilities of the given software environment. With the analysis of the attack patterns, previously unrecognized methods and indicators can be detected and further security countermeasures can be applied.