CERT-Hungary is TI accredited

The Hungarian governmental information security center, that is operated by the Theodore Puskas Foundation (CERT-Hungary) has successfully fulfilled the requirements of the European CERT community (Trusted Introducer) and on February 14th, 2006, CERT-Hungary received accredited status from Trusted Introducer.

Trusted Introducer is an initiative of the European CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) and CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) community, to protect European information technology systems by joining their efforts on the fight against information security incidents.

CERT and CSIRT teams cooperate worldwide to combat computer cracking and other IT related crime. In Europe joint CSIRT activities are undertaken within a cooperative body called TF-CSIRT. To cooperate efficiently and swiftly when security incidents occur, a certain level of mutual trust is needed between CSIRTs. An important prerequisite for mutual trust is shared and accurate operational knowledge about one another.

TI accreditation for a CERT/CSIRT means that the European CERT/CSIRT community accepts and trusts the CERT/CSIRT organization.

TI accreditation gives CERT-Hungary the following advantages:

    * CERT-Hungary will have access to the restricted TI repository.
    * CERT-Hungary will have access to details about other accredited CERT/CSIRT organizations.
    * CERT-Hungary will be able to take advantage of TI’s value-added services like readily downloadable contact lists and PGP-keyrings, secure discussionfora, automatic RIPE Database IRT-object registration and so on.

As an accredited organization CERT-Hungary will be able to provide a higher level of service to its supported organizations, and the entire Hungarian society. These are some of the benefits of the accreditation:

    * Fast information exchange with the European CERT/CSIRT community.
    * Up-to-date and reliable source for vulnerability, virus and incident information.
    * Opportunities for joint projects with the other European CERT/CSIRT organizations.
    * Joining the European Internet security incident monitoring network (eCSIRT.net).


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