Our co-workers in the frontline

As the National Cybersecurity Center of Hungary, CERT-Hungary endeavours to provide a high level of services to its partners, therefore our specialists have recognized qualifications and are attending trainings regularly.

We are proud to announce that András Kabai, IT security specialist of CERT-Hungary successfully obtained the Offensive Security Exploit Expert (OSEE) certificate amongst the first in the world, proving his proficiency of advanced exploitation techniques.

The OSEE is the companion certification to Advanced Windows Exploitation (AWE) course. Making extensive use of hands-on material, AWE covers such topics as kernel driver exploitation, precision heap spraying and unicode exploitation techniques, among others.

In the exam, the students are provided with 72 hours in order to put their newly-acquired skills to use against unknown vulnerabilities in the exam lab environment, develop their exploits and fully document the steps taken.

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