CERT-Hungary welcomes the Slovakian delegation

Slovakia and Hungary have already began cooperation on network and information security issues. Tuesdays meeting will be a follow up to the October 10th meeting in Slovakia, where the two sides have already laid down the basics of cooperation.
Two major topics will be discussed on Tuesday, the upcoming “Visegrád Workshop” , and CERT-Hungary’s role in aiding the creation of a Slovakian governmental Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). CERT-Hungary was asked by the Slovakian government to smooth the process of creating a governmental CERT. The “Visegrád Workshop” will focus on international cooperation and communication on Critical Infrastructure Protection between Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia.
The Slovakian delegation will visit CERT-Hungary, and will meet with the team member in the morning. Then in the afternoon, they will visit Hun-CERT, CERT-Hungary primary national partner.
A Slovakian delegation is arriving to Budapest on Tuesday, November 8th, to discuss future cooperation between Slovakia and Hungary on network and information security issues.