Joint FIRST and TF-CSIRT meeting

The TF-CSIRT Task Force was established to promote the collaboration between Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) in Europe.
The main goals of the Task Force are: CERT-Hungary participated in the joint FIRST and TF-CSIRT meeting, held in Amsterdam, 23-26 Jan. 2006. 

  • to provide a forum for exchanging experiences and knowledge
  • to establish pilot services for the European CSIRTs community
  • to promote common standards and procedures for responding to security incidents
  • to assist the establishment of new CSIRTs and the training of CSIRTs staff.

The activities of TF-CSIRT are focused on Europe and neighbouring countries, in compliance with the Terms of Reference approved by the TERENA Technical Committee on 15 September 2004.
FIRST Technical Colloquia (TCs) provide a discussion forum for FIRST member teams to share information about vulnerabilities, incidents, tools and all other issues that affect the operation of incident response and security teams.

For those who are new to FIRST or never have attended a TC, the colloquium typically provides one whole day of plenary sessions for informal discussions and presentations on topics of FIRST membership interest, or that are more sensitive in nature and related to the day-to-day work of participants. Followed by a day of hands-on classes, where leading security experts sit down with small groups of FIRST team members, and work through technical topics in a highly interactive hands-on fashion.

The FIRST colloquia and hands-on classes are typically hosted by members and since 2005 are being organized on a regional basis the current regions being Latin-America, North-America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. For each region the goal is to organize one TC per year either standing on its own, or jointly with regional CSIRT initiatives.

At the meeting CERT-Hungary was given the opportunity to join a European sensor network. The sensors measure network traffic and the measurements are analyzed and the results are pulicised.

The event marks a significant stage in CERT-Hungary’s life, as we are about to achieve the Trusted Introducer status, and we are also one step closer to becoming a FIRST member. The meeting gave an opportunity to get further involved in different projects and to have a hands-on relation with members of the two CSIRT communities.

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